Apple and bad guys


Ok, this is not a movie, but more a trivia fact. I have read a lot about cinema and film facts. One of them was that Apple does not allow “bad guys” to use its brand, since it will give them bad image.

Well, we can see the brand being used with terrorist purposes in the movie “London has fallen”, and there is not worst image than the one of a terrorist trying to blow the world up, is it?

The lovebirds


I am pretty sure that this movie would not have worked with that script and two known actors in the main roles, however being two moderately unknown ones this film is quite fun to watch…

Estoy bastante seguro de que esta película no hubiera funcionado con ese guión y dos actores conocidos en los roles principales, aunque siendo dos chicos medianamente desconocidos esta cinta es bastante divertida de ver…