All CGI are great, apart from that this film is BS…

Todas las escenas generadas por ordenador son bastante chulas, el resto de esta película es una M…



Seven Sisters

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What a great actress Noomi Rapace is (Millennium Saga, Prometheus and many more).

We could say this is a typically sci-fi film: devastated world, state controls everything and a bunch of very bad guys.

Lots of action, unexpected violence and seven Noomi Rapace.

Good film.

Qué buena actriz es Noomi Rapace (Saga Millennium, Prometheus y muchas más)

Podemos decir que es la típica película de ciencia ficción: un mundo devastado, el total control del estado y unos tipos muy malos.

Mucha acción, una inesperada violencia y siete Noomi Rapace.

Buena peli.

Jumanji, welcome to the jungle


Ok, the original Jumanji was the first DVD I ever owned, and I´ve watched it a hundred times. Bringing the jungle into modern society was very clever and using Robin Williams even better. I think both kids were great characters and the whole film has a IDK kind of thing that makes it cute, fun and good entertainment to watch.

This remake is ok, but far away from the original motion picture. Allan Parrish rocked, the “rock” not that much…